Customer Support

We take an active role in your success.

When you succeed, we succeed.

Get the help you need. We pride ourselves on ensuring you have all the help you need from your first contact and throughout your deployment and use of CiviCore solutions.

We’re mission-driven. We’ll guide you through the full lifecycle of your project — from gathering initial requirements to the build, deployment, and support.

We are your voice. We’ll ensure you get the help you need from CiviCore when you need it.

It’s personal. We care about your mission and will stick with you through thick and thin to see it through.

For critical or emergency issues, please call CiviCore Customer Support directly. Issues include:

  • The inability to access the system or system is down
  • Error messages

Please call 303 477 0900, x 99

For other Customer Success-related matters, please use the CiviCore Support Portal to submit a ticket. Issues include:

  • Creating custom reports
  • Finding the necessary resources to address an issue
  • System functionality assistance
  • System upgrades and changes
  • General questions about the product

You can access the CiviCore Support Portal directly through your CiviCore system. If you don’t have access, please call 303 477 0900, x 90, or email us at We’ll get back to you within one business day. 

We help you
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