CiviCore Clients

CiviCore Client & Case Management 

With CiviCore Client & Case Management solutions, we’re proud to facilitate a broad spectrum of human services organizations, including youth mentoring programs, youth and child services, volunteer management, scholarship programs, healthcare organizations, victim services, veterans organizations, and many more.

CiviCore Giving Platform Clients

CiviCore proudly supports community foundations, nonprofit alliances, and school organizations who organize to promote fundraising and community engagement. We support some of the largest giving events in the country, impacting the bottom lines of almost 30,000 nonprofits.

CiviCore Application & Scholarship Management Clients

CiviCore is proud to leverage our workflow-driven cloud-based software to facilitate application and scholarship management for several organizations across the country. 

CiviCore MentorCore Youth Clients

We’re proud to facilitate the work of these excellent organizations as they shape today’s youth.

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