Data Security, System Reliability

Keep your data in good hands with CiviCore.

The security of your data and the reliability of your systems are our top priorities. We strive, in every aspect of CiviCore’s business, to earn your confidence so you can rest assured that your programs perform with complete confidence.

Security and Stability. Performance and Reliability.

Software Data Security for Social Sector

We host our cloud-based solutions on the most respected, scalable, and time-tested platform out there: Amazon Web Services.

Based on AWS, CiviCore provides a fully redundant architecture with well defined and consistently tested failover processes that provide the quickest, most secure route to re-establishing services, should an issue arise. We conduct penetration tests and security audits throughout the year to ensure that, if and when new developments from the bad guys occur, we are prepared and have them well in hand. In addition, should Amazon have issues, we have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan including offsite backups to restore your systems safely and efficiently.

Performance and reliability rest heavily on what’s proven. You can’t know if your system is going to perform without flexible and extensible infrastructure, as well as load tests run throughout the year to ensure uptime. Not only does CiviCore constantly test our systems, but we have recorded better than 99.99% uptime in 2018.

Security, stability, and reliability can only be predictable if you not only incorporate them in current environment design, but also plan ahead for any eventuality. CiviCore has been painstakingly thoughtful in our planning, including regular scenario-based exercises to evaluate and proactively prepare for potential issues. We develop scenarios to address what could result from multiple widespread factors — systems issues, employee- or human-caused acts, environmental eventualities, or disasters — to ensure all our bases are covered. We establish mitigating factors and contingency plans for these situations, and most importantly, ensure our staff is thoroughly trained and has run through exactly what is to be done in the event of an issue. This preparation is layered on top of regular systems reviews, third party audits, tabletop exercises and certifications — including PCI and HIPAA BAA status — so that you can be confident in choosing CiviCore solutions.

We believe strongly in gaining and keeping the trust of our clients — in the same way your clients and nonprofits trust you. Thus we employ thoughtful and ethical data collection practices that create a safe space to store sensitive data in the cloud.

If you have additional questions about our environment or our security and reliability practices, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ve worked hard to gain your trust, and are happy to share the steps we take to continue earning it.


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