Our Mission

You’re committed to your mission. CiviCore is committed to you.

As a mission-driven organization, it is CiviCore’s charter to drive social impact. We consider the impact of our decisions on our clients as well as the community at large. Our business model emphasizes our commitment to making a change — and caring about your mission as much as you do. We think you’ll see it in your interaction with our team.

What We Do

CiviCore provides technology solutions to people who make a difference. We provide both giving technology and client and case management solutions to enable nonprofits, foundations, and government organizations to serve their communities and care for their constituents. As partners, we drive greater social impact.

Why CiviCore?

We understand your mission, and the challenges you face in getting there. Our solutions adapt to you and your processes, instead of requiring you to change the way you work. This saves you precious set up and training time, as well as resources — not to mention headaches — enabling you to invest more in your mission.


See how we help you help others below.

Technology for people making a difference.