Corporate Mentoring Software

A robust web-based platform to support the day-to-day operations of workplace mentoring programs. The MentorCore system was developed in partnership with MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership. MENTOR has provided leadership in creating a cost-effective platform structured around the research-based Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™ to help build, operate, and track mentoring programs across the country.

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Ad-hoc reporting
MentorCore includes a robust ad-hoc reporting tool that enables programs to build, save and share their own reports. The reporting tool also includes a library of pre-designed reports for common data requirements.

Activity tracking
The system supports the ability to track activities conducted, enrollment and attendance. Once enrollees are assigned to an activity an easy to use entry screen allows programs to capture attendance information in one quick step.

Match information
MentorCore supports the ability to track detailed information regarding each match. This information includes mentor and mentee information, session information, supervision notes, case notes and a document library.

Mentor information
The system supports the ability to capture detailed information regarding mentors. Data captured includes basic demographic information, screening, match information, activity participation data, goals, documents pertaining to mentors, notes (comments) and reminders.

Mentee information
MentorCore supports the ability to capture comprehensive information regarding mentees. This includes basic demographic information, screening, match information, activity participation data, goals, documents pertaining to the mentee, notes (comments), and reminders.

Create customized programs
MentorCore allows organizations to create multiple programs and to customize each program. Customization includes fields, match criteria, screening processes, contact requirements and activity topics.

Users can configure their own dashboards. MentorCore includes a library of dashboard widgets that can be used to track mentor applications, current statistics, upcoming events and other important information.

Create custom screening processes
Support for custom screening processes by program is included. The screening processes help programs manage the workflow of screening participants and facilitates quality assurance.

Formatted reports
The system also includes the capability to print out pre-formatted reports. Pre-formatted reports are reports that include structured information and allow for inclusion of graphs and tables in aesthetically pleasing formats. (Pre-formatted reports will continue to be added as requested by participating programs).
My experience with MentorCore has been awesome. Our district launched its school-based mentoring program in 2011 and started off using another product for the first year with our national affiliate They transitioned to MentorCore about a year later and it was great! We volunteered to participate in the beta testing which allowed us to stretch the program while in the building stage. MentorCore was much more robust and intuitive and easy to navigate once you were trained. I asked a lot of questions and the support team was always available to me right away or within a 24hr period. MentorCore has helped us to build the capacity of our program and confident that we haven’t utilized all of the features that it offers. I’m looking forward to next year!
-Maryellen Gomes, Mentor Coordinator, Cobb County School District

As the Director of our agency’s volunteer youth mentoring program, I enjoy using MentorCore to help manage all the necessary data for our volunteers and our mentees. In particular, I use the case notes section daily, so that I may carefully manage all the different communication I may have with each individual match. Additionally, I frequently use the report running tools on MentorCore to produce the most accurate and up to date analysis of the program, which has been a significant help in our ongoing grant-writing. MentorCore’s customer service is wonderful, when I have had a question regarding the database, the request was simple to submit, quickly responded to, and I was provided updates on the request’s progress.
-Samantha Alves, Director, Children’s Friend and Family Services

MentorCore is central to what we do here at Mentors, Inc. From tracking our intake process for students and mentors, to relationship management, to producing useful reports; MentorCore helps us execute all these tasks with relative ease. The technical support there is nothing short of phenomenal. If we call with a query we get an immediate response that same day. Alex (customer service manager)has introduced and trained us on MentorCore, created reports for us based on our specifications, as well as “taught us how to fish”, patiently taking us step by step through some of the more advanced functionality of MentorCore.
-Furqan Khaldun, Program Manager, Mentors, Inc.