Youth Tracking Software

Youth Tracking Software for Managing, Tracking and Reporting.

You work hard to improve the lives of the youth you serve. You also work hard to manage, track and report the impact you are having. Whether tracking demographic data, academic performance, behavior, internal or outbound services, success or goal tracking, case management, or all of the above, CiviCore’s Youth Tracking Software can meet your organization’s unique needs.

  • Cloud-based and accessible from any Internet connection, giving you and your staff the ability to enter and retrieve data both in your offices and from any location with an Internet connection and a web browser.
  • Secure access levels that will meet the needs of the various user communities within your organization.
  • Unlimited user access at any given time and location without incurring additional charges.
  • Organize demographic and youth and parent contact information.
  • Quantify youth academic, behavioral, and other improvements.
  • Customize tracking of activities and services delivered
  • Provide outcomes reporting such as pre & post tests, performance improvement, etc.
  • Capture and manage key information for athletes and participants including intake, demographics, and academics.
  • Easily manage team participation, including rosters and attendance.
  • Capture all services you deliver to your participants including classes, special activities and if needed, one-on-one case management.
  • Track evaluations and information on your participants/athletes related to your specific sport.
  • Manage and report on key outcomes to improve both program management and your reporting to funders.

CiviCore’s affordable youth tracking software solutions are developed on top of a multi-tenant application architecture.  Applications built on top of this architecture may be customized to the unique needs of the organization.  The benefit of this approach is that it allows for highly tailored software that facilitates the work of your organization and provides opportunities for continued upgrades and improvements over time.

Our youth tracking software collects basic information on youth, and also multiple records per youth capturing information on youth agency or program status, youth management, outbound referrals, reminders, youth documents, and a youth communication log. Your youth management software system will include all data elements captured on your intake forms as well as any other data elements that are needed to fulfill your reporting needs.

Other features include – 

  • Secure user groups to provide user, role and program specific views and logins that restrict access to subsets of the entire database.  CiviCore will work with your team to create the right set of accounts to ensure that the proper level of access is defined for system users.
  • An easy-to-use reporting and search capability that will give your staff flexibility to retrieve information out of the database for youth reports, data exports, and other purposes. Ability to easily export information into Microsoft Excel to do mail merges, mass emailing or further analysis of the data.
  • Reminders. Users can create “reminders” and alerts that notify other staff to follow up on specific youth.
  • Ability to upload and store documents specifically associated with each youth, organization, contact, other records in the system.

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