Hurricane Harvey Efforts Underway at CiviCore

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Hurricane “Harvey” Efforts Underway

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say ‘Look for the helpers, you will always find people who are helping.”
– Fred Rogers

Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  The Class 4 Hurricane Harvey made landfall in southeastern Texas on August 25, 2017 causing loss of life, widespread flooding and endless damage.

Despite the heartbreaking nature of this natural disaster, the CiviCore team feels fortunate to work with so many great people who are contributing to the relief efforts.  The collective action, generosity, and selflessness of thousands of volunteers and donors has truly been inspiring and creates a unifying effect on the entire country.

Over the past several days, the CiviCore team has helped key non-profits to organize and promote their very important missions.  The team has donated time, energy and resources to the following efforts:

Fundraising Systems –

CiviCore powers some of the largest Gives Days in the country and has re-purposed its crowd fundraising system to help raise money for the southeastern Texas community.  The team has worked with these amazing organizations: Corpus Christi Community Foundation, I Live Here I Give Here, and the Greater New Orleans Foundation. Through a pro bono effort CiviCore has donated time and resources waiving all usual fees.

We encourage everyone to donate what they can to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey. It will be a long and arduous journey to recovery, but the helping hands of the many will help ease the impact of such destruction and heartache.

Direct Links as follows:

Food Banks –

The Houston Food Bank is a longtime client of CiviCore.  Denise Atkerson of the Houston Food Bank said, “One thing that has kept all of us going has been the incredible generosity of spirit exhibited by complete strangers – hundreds of volunteers have driven in from all over the country bringing vehicles and boats to assist officials with rescues and evacuations. Volunteers have poured into shelters, and still others have donated mountains of food, bedding, clothing, diapers, etc… Even though Houston has been hit hard by Harvey, we have been blessed by the tremendous kindness and generosity of others.” Denise and volunteers are on the ground doing great work and bearing testimony to acts of heroism and unification.  The CiviCore team has been working with the Houston Food Bank to make sure the CiviCore volunteer management system is accommodating their needs during this most important time.  Click here for Houston Food Bank’s donation form.’

CiviCore engineers and project managers scrum to rapidly deploy an application to support teachers volunteer efforts in southeastern Texas.

Houston Teacher Volunteers –

Last but not least, an inspiring group of 1,300+ teachers who are volunteering their time in Houston shelters contacted CiviCore through social media .  These teachers are working together to provide child care, counseling, special needs help, and classes to children in Houston-based shelters.  This help allows parents to begin the process of rebuilding their families’ lives post Hurricane Harvey.

Within a few hours the CiviCore team responded to their call for help, assessed their needs, and put together a task force to build an application that would allow them to manage their volunteers and the needs of the shelters in which the teachers are volunteering their time.  This application is now up and running to support the great work of the teachers of Houston.

Other Clients –

Houston reVision is another of our clients serving the Houston area . Their mission is to support children and their families during the recovery effort.  They are also in need of assistance.      Donations to Houston reVision are accepted here.