Critical Needs Giving Event to Begin Tomorrow

Ryan Simon Giving

The Pittsburgh Foundation is hosting a Critical Needs Alert giving event! The event starts tomorrow, Tuesday 5/23/17, at 8AM and ends tomorrow at 11:59PM. The Pittsburgh Foundation is offering a $657,000 prorated match to increase the day’s impact. Prospective donors can donate at:

A Different Kind of Gives Day

The Pittsburgh Foundation is dispensing from their traditional model of giving this year and instead opting for a narrowed approach. Deemed a Critical Needs Alert— the day will channel its fundraising efforts to nonprofits operating in the human services sector with the goal of strengthening the safety net. Hence the trending hashtag: #SafetyNetPGH. The day will benefit nonprofits that provide direct service in 5 areas:

Child Care – Programs providing child care for infants and children up to age 6.

Food and Nutrition – Organizations such as food pantries, food banks and soup kitchens that provide food to those who don’t have the ability to meet daily needs.

Housing – Organizations providing direct shelter to individuals and families facing homelessness or other housing crises.

Physical and Mental Health – Organizations providing clinical physical and mental health care.

Transportation – Organizations with a core mission that includes providing transportation to those in need.”

In addition to these five focus areas there are nine human services categories on the site that a donor can use to navigate and inform their donation. They are as follows:

1) Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy
2) Education
3) Food, Agriculture & Nutrition
4) Healthcare
5) Housing, Shelter
6) Human Services
7) Mental Health & Crisis Prevention
8) Public & Social Benefit
9) Youth Development

CiviCore is thrilled to partner with the Pittsburgh Foundation to serve as their technology provider for this event. If you’d like to learn more about how CiviCore’s flexible Giving Platform can increase your organization’s fundraising success, please contact