CiviCore becomes a Public Benefit Corporation

Charles News

We are proud to announce that CiviCore is now a Public Benefit Corporation. CiviCore was founded over 16 years ago as a mission driven organization focused on building capacity within the social sector by supporting the efforts of our public and nonprofit sector clients.

The organizational structure of a public benefit corporation has been adopted by thirty states. Over 1,500 corporations have registered as benefit corporations. This form of incorporation allows and obligates for-profit companies to consider the impact of their decisions not only on their shareholders, but also on their stakeholders and the community at large.

We believe that the Public Benefit Corporation organizational structure fits who we have always been and allows us to enhance who we want to be. This form of incorporation makes our commitment to making a social impact even more deliberate and transparent. We are pleased to be joining the ranks of progressive companies that make meeting higher standards of purpose and accountability a part of their governance processes.

CiviCore is grateful for the opportunity to serve thousands of nonprofit organizations worldwide. We are committed to the development of great software as a service that amplifies our clients’ ability to do good work. It is exciting to continue this work as a Public Benefit Corporation. We are thankful to all those that have helped us along in this journey.