Our Mission

CiviCore’s mission is to make a social impact through technology solutions that improve the use of information in nonprofits, foundations, and public agencies.

You are committed to your mission. We are committed to you.

The CiviCore team brings in-depth knowledge about software and system development and social sector management. We look forward to partnering with you for technology solutions that meet your specific needs.

Clayton Bailey

Software Engineer
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Alex Bieling

Project Manager
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TJ Bowen

VP of Sales & Marketing More Information

Bentley Davis

Sales and Marketing Associate More Information

Mark Forward

Vice President of Projects More Info

Jim Gray

Controller More Information

Erin Hackman

Customer Success Manager More Information

MK Holody

Project Manager More Info

Jinny Kim

Project Manager More Info

Jenna Kotyk

Project Manager More Info

Sam May

Project Manager More Info

Charles “Chic” Naumer

CEO More Info

Joe O'Brien

Project Manager More Info

Kasey Pearce

VP of Operations More Info

Daniel Pierce

VP of Engineering More Info

Sid Saleh

Research Fellow More Info

Ryan Simon

Social Impact Representative More Info

Larissa Taylor

Project Manager & Software Engineer More Info

Amy Turner

Project Manager More Info