2017 - online giving

2017 CiviCore Giving Collaborative

Ryan Simon Giving

The inaugural CiviCore Giving Collaborative is underway. CiviCore is thrilled to be hosting dozens of giving event leaders from around the country for two days of networking, fun, and collaboration. We hope this event will be a unique opportunity for our clients to meet other leaders in the space, network with their peers, share best practices, address challenges together, and identify solutions that will improve online giving events for the future.

Highlights of the Giving Collaborative

Some of the highlights of the CiviCore Giving Collaborative include:

  • Sessions on stakeholder engagement and NPO Retention
  • Assembled focus groups on giving technology
  • Sessions on report building and campaigns
  • CivCore’s new giving technology roadmap
  • CiviCore’s system upgrade process

Soaking it all in

This event will be a unique opportunity for CiviCore as well. Our clients have established themselves as experts in the giving space, running some of the largest and most successful giving days in the world. The experts are in the room and CiviCore is all ears. We have the majority of our staff on site ready to listen, receive client feedback, and discover the needs of our clients in real time. We are sure this event will help improve our platform so we can better suit the needs of our clients and serve the giving community moving forward.